Journey’s End

It’s a happy world. Life is never hard here, not like it used to be, back in the old days. Life is never hard, never troublesome. There are never any unpleasant problems that you have to deal with. Problems that aren’t easy to solve, problems that can make you unhappy. Everything is peaceful here, everything happens as it should do. Every day is always the same as the last. Never any nasty surprises. Never any hardships to endure. There are always plenty of juicy fat insects to eat. You only have to crawl a few inches along the branch and there right in front of you there’s a big plump caterpillar waiting for your jaws to close around him and suck out his good nutritious juices. Suck those good good sweet juices right out of him leaving nothing behind but a dry husk clinging to a leaf. How I love the taste of those juices! Then you can move on down the branch looking for the next easy meal. Maybe you’ll come across a fine fat cricket to sink your mandibles into – a beautiful big bulging brown cricket just bursting with those wonderful succulent juices that you love so much. Then when you’re full you can lie there basking in the warm sunshine soaking up the heat at your leisure. Like I said it’s a fine world, a happy world. I love this life, I think as I scratch contentedly at my stomach, which has grown taut and shiny from all this eating. This is the closest thing to paradise that you could ever hope to get. Nothing to do but gorge yourself on the insects that abound here and doze all day long in the hot sun. Growing fatter and sleeker every day. Every day just like the last. Long days that are full of golden contentment. Long lazy days. Never a problem, never anything to be perturbed about. A great life – so much better than the life we had back when we were colonists stuck in the belly of that spaceship, bickering and squabbling all the time. Undergoing painful gene therapy. Waiting out the long years until we could finally reach our destination.






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