The Truth About Nullifiers


You know that feeling you get when that person you thought was just an annoying bollocks or bully or dickhead (or whatever) isn’t actually any of these things at all but is actually a Nullifier? You know the particular type of feeling that I’m talking about here? That godawful horrible spine-chilling “Oh shit” moment…?


No of course you don’t. No one ever does. As usual I’m ranting on to myself like an idiot; raving away to myself in a completely pointless way. No one knows what I’m talking about. No one ever does. I know well that they don’t. That was all purely rhetorical. That was my rhetorical preamble.


The thing about those terrifying creatures that some people call Nullifiers is that they always know exactly what they are doing; they never do anything by accident. Often a Nullifier will disguise himself (or herself) as just a regular run-of-the-mill old gobshyte, or perhaps as some common-or-garden full-of-shit bastard. They love doing that sort of thing because it’s such an excellent strategy. If you meet some irritating obnoxious bastard you’re never going to think that they are anything other than what they appear so obviously to be. Why would anyone make out that they were an out-and-out prick on purpose? We generally assume that assholes are only assholes because they don’t have any choice in the matter!


To assume that a Nullifier is what he or she appears to be is however a manifestation of what I like to call lazy thinking and lazy thinking is no good at all when you’re dealing with a Nullifier! That would be the end of you. There’s only one way to deal with a Nullifier and that is with total unwavering consciousness. You can’t doze off, you can’t snooze on the job or else they’ll have you. They’ll have you in a flash. When I say ‘doze off’ I don’t of course mean ‘fall asleep in the regular old way that you do when you go to bed at night’. That’s not what I mean. What I mean is that you have to stay absolutely present in consciousness the whole time without any lapses into thinking, without any lapses into fantasy. If you make the mistake of drifting off, if you commit the error of taking an excursion into thinking then that will be used against you. The Nullifier will use it against you!


You see what will happen is that the Nullifier will try to annoy you or bug you in some way by acting like a complete bollocks, thus causing you to get resentful or angry. The moment you do this the Nullifier will proceed to screw you from more directions than you ever knew existed! I promise you I know what I’m talking about here. I know from bitter experience, believe you me…


The Nullifier will then take its opportunity to attack you using your own mind. That’s what they always do – that’s their tactic. Your own mind will tear you to pieces and you’ll never know what hit you. Your own mind will eat you up. You’ll never know what happened to you. It’ll eat you away from the inside and then spit you out as a spent husk. To live the rest of your meaningless hollow life in the Husk World. Without you ever knowing that you’re in the Husk World. Without you ever knowing that your life is meaningless.


You have to regard the Nullifier as a master card player. That’s my advice to you. You’re facing him or her over the card table and the stakes are the highest they ever possibly could be. The stakes are your very soul. The stakes are your precious life-energy, your life-essence. You can’t blink, you can’t doze, you can’t nod off, not even for the briefest of moments…


I hope you remember what I’m telling you here! I’m not saying all this just for the sake of it, you know. I happen to know what I’m talking about – I’ve tangled with a good few Nullifiers in my time, I can tell you!


They play a deadly game, these Nullifiers. They eat you psychically so that you don’t even know that you’ve been ate. The world is full of their unfortunate victims whilst the Nullifiers themselves go around like so many big fat cats. Big fat cats that got the cream. And the cream’s you and me! That’s one smug cat I can tell you… Only it’s not a cat we’re talking about it’s a Nullifier and a Nullifier is a different type of a thing altogether. As you might have gathered if you’ve been paying attention. Which I rather doubt…


We’re the mice and they’re the cats – only we’re damn sight easier to catch than mice, I can tell you! At least the mice have the good sense to try to run away! Or stay hidden out of sight behind the skirting board. We’re so stupid that we walk right up to them where they lurk in their offices and say hello! We try to shake their hands. We say “How do you do?” and try to make small talk. It’s like we’ve got that toxo-plasmosis thing in our heads, that damn parasite thingy that makes us incapable of fear. We’re so damn stupid that it’s not even funny. Or rather it’s funny all right, but it’s downright macabre at the same time…



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