It’s a thing we do. It’s a game we play. It’s a thing it’s a game it’s a thing.  It’s a thing it’s a game. Its a game we play. Only is it? Do we? Is it a thing? Is it a game? Who does it? Who plays it? Selfie shot selfie shot excuse me please I would like to take a selfie shot. Another selfie-shot. Just one more for the record. Just hang on a minute will you. Pass me the bloody old selfie stick would you. Give me a shot at it. Give me a go. You’re always hogging the selfie stick. Give me a go would you. You bloody bastard. But suppose taking the selfie creates the one who is taking the selfie? Suppose playing the game creates the game-player? I bet you never thought of that now did you?  I bet you didn’t. What then? How does that work? How does that grab you? That’s the Narcissus shot you see – that’s how it works. Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes. That’s the legend. That’s how it goes, today as it was in the days of antiquity. Today as it was yesterday. Days beyond recall. In perpetuity. Keep away from that old selfie-stick. The deadly old selfie stick. It gets them every time. How do you think the legend came about anyway?  It’s the selfie shot! It’s the Narcissus shot! The good old Narcissus shot – you’ve heard of that one I know… Suppose shopping creates the shopper? What then, huh? Did you ever think of that? Where does that leave us? Is it any wonder we all like shopping so much, huh? Is it any surprise we all like taking the old selfies so much? Is it any wonder? The old selfie-shots. Those old selfies. Yes, yes, yes. Those good old selfie-shots…





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