Snake Bite


I sometimes wonder about my judgement in things. Or rather I worry about it, which is more to the point. I worry a lot. I worry if my judgement is all that it should be. Maybe I don’t HAVE any judgement – none that’s worth anything, anyway! Not going by past history. Not that there’s any other sort. But then again, I think to myself again  – after a while – maybe it’s actually a good thing to have no judgment? Maybe it is good thing. Judgement’s a bad thing, right? Isn’t what they say? Don’t judge, don’t evaluate. Isn’t that what they say? Don’t get trapped in the judging mind. But IS evaluation a bad thing? IS it wrong to judge? Is it right to be judging or is it wrong – these are the questions that are flitting restlessly through my brain. Flit, flit, flit. Go the questions. And then I wonder, is it right or wrong to be asking THIS question? About whether it’s right or wrong to be judging. And if it is wrong to be asking this question – which I strongly suspect – then what can I do about it? By which I mean – of course – what is the RIGHT thing to do about it? It’s so important to get it right, don’t you think? Or maybe I’m mistaken. Maybe it’s wrong to say that…


Logic is so treacherous, don’t you think? So very, very treacherous. So terribly treacherous. It can so easily turn around and bite you, just when you think you have a grip on it. Sink its teeth right in you. In a flash. Before you know what’s happening. You never do know… Rather like standing on a black mamba’s tail. Not that I’ve ever done that, but I imagine it’s not a good idea! I imagine that you very quickly discover that this is not a particularly good idea. I mean – what do think is going to happen in this situation? Just how’s that going to work out for you? How is this ever going turn out to be a not a bad situation? What do think that old black mamba is going to say to you, huh? You think its going to waste its words? You think it’s going to waste time on the niceties? Logic’s a lot like this. Logic’s a snake. The oldest snake there is. The old old snake. That old old snake… Not the one in the Bible; the other one – the one who keeps eating his own tail…






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