Run Like the Devil


Things can get pretty vicious when you’re caught up in the image world, which is the world of fictions who do not know that they are fictions. The world of fictional identities who cannot see what they are. Things can get pretty desperate here! Why do things get desperate? Because the one thing we have to avoid at all costs, when we’re trapped in the image world, is the truth and the truth is pressing in on us from all sides…


Damn the old truth, right? Why does it have to keep on pressing in on us the way it does? Why can’t it ever leave us alone? Of course we can’t see it as ‘the truth’. Oh no, oh no, oh no. We see it as ‘the bad thing’ or ‘the bad news’ or ‘bad luck’ or ‘the devil’s work’ or ‘depression’ and we fight against it as hard as we can. We see it as the bad thing and we curse it. Why wouldn’t we curse it? Isn’t it natural enough that we would curse the bad thing that has happened to us, the lousy luck that is dogging us wherever we go?


We get vicious when we’re caught up in the image world because we have to prove to ourselves that we’re not images. We have to prove to ourselves that we’re not imaginary! That’s why we cut up so rough. Don’t you ever wonder why people can be so thoroughly rotten? That’s the reason. There’s a reason for everything. We get pure desperate when we’re locked into the image world and we’re trying to prove that we’re not images. Which we can’t, not really. We get pure, pure desperate. What I’m talking about isn’t nice, it really isn’t nice at all…


I guess what I’m trying to say is that there’s a lot of pressure here in the imaginary world. It’s all about the pressure. All about the pressure. What else is there in the world of images apart from constant, unremitting pressure? What else do you think there might be there? What else do you think there could be there, for God’s sake? I mean – let’s get real here! Let’s all get real… That’s a joke isn’t it. That’s like saying ‘let’s get honest about the fictional world’ or ‘let’s all tell the truth in the world that is made up of fiction’. How’s that going to work? Did you hear the one about the image that wanted to get real about things? Did you hear the one about the fictional identity that wanted to hear the truth for once?


Truth is no more an option here than reality is. No way, no way, no way. It just isn’t going to happen and we might as well face that. What am I saying here? Am I stupid or what? I should say that we might as well NOT face it. We might as well run as fast as ever we can in the opposite direction from facing anything. Run, run, run… Run, my friends, run. Run like the Devil himself were on your tail. Which you can be sure he certainly is….





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