Nostalgia for the Projection Realm


I am plagued on a daily – if not hourly – basis with unbearable pangs of nostalgia for the projection realm. I am positively sick with it. Sick, sick, sick. I’m not right at all. I’m wracked with what seems like an incurable melancholia. I’m crippled with it. How I long to be back there! I cannot tell you how great it was to be safely secluded within the friendly confines of the projection realm. I am utterly desolated by the knowledge that I shall never be able to return. The only time we know how great the projection realm is when we understand with absolute clarity that we can never ever return there. And at the time of course we just think that it is crap. I mean we don’t think about it at all. Why would we? We’re unconscious when we’re in the projection realm, after all. That’s why it’s called ‘unconscious’ for God’s sake! Unconscious means that we don’t know shit! It means that we don’t know our arses from a hole in the ground. It means that we are awesomely supreme dumb-asses…


 The projection realm is the realm of perfect undisturbed unconsciousness. Isn’t it. of course it bloody is. It’s the cosy world of our dumb-ass assumptions being reflected right back at us. Being reflected right back at us as what we then take as ‘actual reality’. There’s nothing dumber than one of those old dumb-ass assumptions, is there? You bet there isn’t. Assumptions are by definition ridiculously dumb. That’s the whole thing with them. Our assumptions are by their very nature so very dumb that if we caught sight of them even for a fraction of a second we would never be able to take them seriously again. That’s how pathetically dumb they are. Do you get what I’m saying here? About how dumb our dumb-ass assumptions are? Even to catch sight of one of these assumptions in passing, out of the corner of our eye, would ruin our relationship with it forever. How dumb is that? That’s got to be pretty fucking dumb, right? You bet it is. Dumbness doesn’t even come into it! This goes way beyond what we normally think of as dumbness. This is dumbness taken to a degree that is frankly pathological.


So that’s what the projection realm is all about. That truly stupendous level of dumbness. And boy do I ever miss it…




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