How to Trap Soul-Sparks


In order to trap the soul-sparks in the False Creation it is necessary to damage them in a very specific way. It is necessary to warp or distort them in a particular way such that they are no longer able to recognize reality for what it is. Once this has been done the damaged soul-sparks have no choice but to embrace False Reality, which is my realm…


The ball is then in my court, as you might say. The ball is in my court because I am the unopposed master of the False World – there is nothing in it that I do not have absolute dominion over. Every single being in it serves me. All the creatures in it are mine. This is my realm – I created it and I alone sustain it.


Once damaged in the way that I have described, the soul-sparks can easily be addicted to unreality. They practically addict themselves – all I have to do is show them the way and they’re off. Like greyhounds out of the trap. You just can’t hold them back, I tell you! In this world I am ‘the man’. I’m the supplier of the merchandize. I own the factory and the warehouses. I own the distribution chain. What I’m selling are simply ‘believable lies’. This product sells itself – it flies off the shelf like hot cakes. Such a prized commodity – what people won’t do for it! What people won’t do to get their hands on believable lies never ceases to amaze me! They love more than anything else to cling onto them, to lavish their attention on them. When I tell you that people love a believable lie more than anything else in the world this isn’t mere hyperbole. If you don’t know this then – quite honestly – you don’t know anything….


Believable lies are the ultimate addiction and I’m the one you come to see when you want to score! And it’s not that you want to score, you absolutely need to. Wasn’t it William Burroughs who said that there is nothing more pathetically degraded and utterly lacking in dignity than a person in the state of absolute need? Or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was me…


I am the herder of the damaged soul-sparks therefore. They serve my ends. I don’t usually permit them to perceive this – I control the gates of perception and I’m not in the habit of leaving them open! I allow the damaged soul-sparks to imagine that they are the masters of their own fate. I allow them to imagine that they are serving their own ends. They work better that way. They work extremely well this way because they are driven ruthlessly by a very great selfishness, by a truly demonic selfishness (if I say so myself) and the sole beneficiary of all this truly admirable fervour and extraordinary tenacity is me!


I am the ‘not-so-benign father’, you might say. The Dark Ruler, you might also say. The Father of Falsehoods. The Negative Patriarch. The Lord of Lies. Some call me Yaldaboath. I am the imprisoner. You pretend not to know me but you do – you recognise me in the depths of your own distorted souls! If you care to look, you will see me there…






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