City of Dreams

Disney's TOMORROWLAND..Casey (Britt Robertson) ..Ph: Film Frame..©Disney 2015

In the dystopian paradise of our forefather-descendents in the distant past / time-yet-to-come there is a wonderful / terrible hospital – a gleaming towering futuristic hospital the size of a city where people go to be made sick. This hospital-city gleams like burnished silver on the outside and the walls are all painted immaculate white on the inside – they are painted a white that is without even the slightest blemish, a white which will give you a headache just to look at it, a white that is a sterile as a scalpel when it has just been taken out of the autoclave. It is both sterile and extraordinarily sharp. It is sharp enough to cut away your very soul…


Fleets of ambulances service the hospital daily, bringing in anyone who shows the slightest sign of becoming well. They come to receive the finest treatment – they come to be restored to sickness, they come to be lovingly returned to the collective sickness that all are obliged to unquestioningly embrace. Sickness is health in the city of our as-yet-unborn forefathers! Good is bad in this the very finest of all dystopian paradises! Everything has been turned upside-down in this the City of Dreams! Everything’s back-to-front in this the City of Illusions!












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