The Punisher



So anyway I carried on down the long dark corridor until I came to a room where a uniformed guard was brutally punishing a prisoner. Boy was he punishing that prisoner! By the look of it this must be very effective punishment indeed, I surmised. It really did seem to be hitting the spot. The guard was putting his back into the job, and he obviously knew what he was doing.


“Officer,” I enquired, “why are you punishing this man?”


“Well you see,” the guard replied shortly, whilst pausing to catch his breath, “for my whole life – ever since I was a small boy – I have been thoroughly wretched and unhappy in myself. I feel lousy every single day and the way I think about it is that someone has to pay for it. This worthless cur you see before you, slumped down on his knees and busy bleeding all over the floor, will do as well as anyone…”


“Excellent, excellent,” I replied, “a very good reason indeed. I see your point. Carry on with your good work, officer.”


With that short exchange I left the uniformed guard, who had returned to his task of savagely beating the prisoner, and continued down the corridor, curious to see what else I would come across on my travels…








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