Playing the Human Game


We’re all playing the human game. Play the game, play the game, play the game…


We love playing the human game. It’s great. It’s brilliant. It’s fantastic. It’s so bloody marvellous. It’s so very wonderful…


We can’t stop talking about how great it is. How marvellous it is. How brilliant it is. How fantastic and wonderful it is…


Actually it isn’t great at all. It isn’t marvellous. It isn’t fantastic or wonderful, it’s crap. It’s appalling. It’s actually awful, if only we could be honest enough with ourselves to admit it. It’s an abominable pile of shit. It’s the pits.


It stinks, it’s dismal. For God’s sake, it’s absolutely pointless and stupid, devoid of interest, devoid of humour or creativity or love. It goes nowhere. It never did. It doesn’t serve anyone. It degrades and ruins everyone in it. It’s a dead-end, a filthy waste of time, a ghastly charade…


So that’s it. I’ve said it now. It’s out in the open. Of course people are going to say that I’m wrong, that there is something seriously not right with me for coming out with negative unpatriotic stuff like that. Of course they’re going to say that. They’re far too cowardly to ever dare to admit the truth. Even though, deep down, they know it.


Admit the truth? Oh no. No, no, no, no. What are you talking about? That would never do at all. No way. No chance. Admit the truth? You must be joking. How dare you? What’s wrong with you? Are you some kind of freak, or what?

We have to go on saying that anyone who says that the human game isn’t great and wonderful is very wrong indeed, very misguided in their thinking, possibly ill, possibly depressed.


It’s like living in a filthy totalitarian state, where everyone has to go around saying how great the state is all the time. Where everyone has to say how wonderful it is, how inspiring it is, how everything else is wrong and misguided. We all have to go around saying this because if we don’t then the state’s secret police might be calling on us. The way they do.


We say that the state is great and marvellous and wonderful all the time because we afraid of what might happen if we don’t, but also we are greedy. We are greedy to ‘get on’, greedy to be accepted, greedy for status, greedy for power, greedy to obtain the rewards and privileges that all good conformists get…


And then, when we do get the acceptance and the high status and the power and the rewards and the privileges, then we have a vested interest! We have a stake in the shit pile! We have something to protect!


Once this happens then we’re really caught, and we’re going to make damn sure that everyone else is caught too. Boy are we going to come down hard on anyone who rocks the boat! Boy are we going to have it in for them! We’re going to kick their asses. We’re going to close them down. We’re going to shut them down straightaway! We’re going to slice them up for fish-bait. We’re going to silence them for good!


That’s the human game. That’s the way it is with it. And if anyone tells you otherwise, if anyone tells you that isn’t the way it is, then you know one thing for sure – you know they’re lying!








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