The Look


All  the people’s faces had this kind of a look to them, a kind of a smug, knowing look as if knew something special, as if they had it sussed, as if they had it nailed. To a man, to a woman, they all had this look. As if there was some kind of a knack, some kind of a special secret to life that most people just won’t ever get no matter how hard they try. These people had got it though – and not only had they got it sussed but they wanted everyone else to know that they had it sussed as well. Just to rub it in, just to make everyone else feel bad. Extra bad I should say because the chances are that most of us are feeling bad enough anyway, not knowing the secret, not having got the knack of life the way they had. That’s pretty much the way it goes when you haven’t got the knack of life – you keep coming a cropper, you keep on missing the boat, you keep on making a complete plonker of yourself. You keep on getting the rough end of the deal, the rough end of the stick and that’ll wear you down after a while. Eventually it’ll show on your face and there will be nothing you can do about it, nothing you can do to cover it up. What I’m talking about is the baffled, frustrated, worn-out, defeated look of the loser. That’s why the type of person that I’m talking about gets to look so self-satisfied, so smug, so pleased with themselves – because they know their conspicuous success makes the losers feel extra bad about themselves, even worse than they did already. That’s where the particular odious ‘knowingness’ of the look comes in – because they know exactly what they are doing. Because they know you are feeling so bad about their success. And not only that, they are letting you know that they know just how bad you are feeling. They are letting you know that they know how bad it makes you feel to see that they know what you don’t know and never will know! I see these people everywhere. Everywhere I look I see their faces. Words completely fail me when it comes to explaining how much I despise these smug bastards…









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