The darkness was all around me. Darkness, darkness, darkness. Darkness pressing in on me from all sides. Darkness wherever I looked. Darkness gathered in the corners of the room, collecting silently in puddles. Slowly accumulating. “Darkness is all very well if you like that sort of thing” I said to myself, trying to keep my spirits up with a bit of wry humour. The joke fell flat. Saying that it fell flat is an understatement. Darkness leered at me from every side. It winked at me to make itself known. “Darkness is all very well if you’re a Goth or New Romantic” I thought to myself only I didn’t say it out loud this time. I thought the better of saying it out loud after what had happened last time. With the darkness leering at me from all sides and winking at me the way it did. I wasn’t going to fall for that again. No sir I wasn’t. No way. I was wising up. That old darkness wasn’t going to catch me out that way again. Oh no. The darkness around me twinkled softly, as if in appreciation of the fact that I had cleverly sussed onto its game. How can darkness twinkle? I don’t know but it did. How can darkness wink, for that matter? These questions are all beside the point. That’s what I am trying to say here. That’s the point I am trying to make. It’s all very well asking these probing questions and then reassuring ourselves with our cleverness that these things could never happen, that it’s all quite ridiculous, but try hanging out with darkness for a while and see where that gets you. It won’t get you anywhere – I can tell you that for nothing. No sir, that type of smart-ass bullshit won’t get you anywhere – not where the darkness is concerned…








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