evil eye

I was suspicious and paranoid. Suspicious and paranoid, that’s kind of the way I am. That’s just the kind of a guy I am. The suspicious paranoid sort. Staring at anyone who passes by. Screwing them out. Trying to psyche them out. Play them at their own game. Put it back on them. What’s your game? What’s your bloody game then? You think I don’t know what you’re at? You think you can pull one over on me? Trying to reflect the evil eye back on them before it can settle on me. Switch it quickly. Turn the evil eye quickly so that it rebounds back on the person. The evil all-seeing eye. That bloody all-seeing eye is everywhere. It’s on me for sure. I’ve caught its attention somehow. I’ve come up on its radar. Is everyone I see working for the all-seeing eye or am I being over-paranoid? Are some of them just innocent passers-by? Are some of the people I see walking by no more than what they seem – just regular people with nothing to do with anything? Could that be true? Most of the paranoia I experience is actually real but at the same time I could be taking it too far. Maybe I am getting lost in the paranoia at this stage but then again perhaps that’s just what the all-seeing eye wants me to think. That I’m just imagining it, that it isn’t really happening. No one can second-guess the all-seeing eye though – I’ve learned that from bitter experience. I’ve been down that road before and it wasn’t a lot of fun, I can tell you. That’s just not something that it is possible to do – how can you second guess the all-seeing eye, for God’s sake? It even sounds crazy. I’m not going to get caught up in that one again – you wouldn’t believe how fucked up that gets. That takes you to a very strange place, I can tell you! You kind of have to go into a very weird kind of a space in order to shake off the telepathic rays, so they can no longer follow what you’re thinking, so they can’t second-guess you anymore. Any more than you can second-guess it. But maybe that doesn’t throw the all-seeing eye at all really – maybe I just think that it does. Maybe that’s all part of its strategy, to make you do that, to make you go so far into that freaky space that you can never come back…









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