Piss Take


Well anyway I was looking at all these websites on the internet about all this stuff to do with the New World Order and how the secret elite are farming us all like battery hens only we’re too stupid to know it. That’s the plan too of course – that we be totally dumb and fuckwitted and easily controlled and always wanting to be reading about ludicrous dumb-ass celebrities and crap like that. And also about how the corporations want us to be eating shit food and burgers and stuff so that we’re all clinically obese as well as stupid instead of being mystic warriors which is what we could be if we weren’t so lazy and stupid and easily fooled. So this way we lose all of our natural dignity and power and get to be total fools instead. We get to be these obese dopes who are super-easy to brainwash.What could be easier than fooling a bunch of obese brainwashed celebrity-obsessed  dopes, after all?


And also the corporations want us to be taking Prozac and Effexor because being totally hopeless dumb-ass stooges of the system in the way that we are naturally makes us as depressed as fuck so we go to see our GP and they straightaway put us on a shit-load of antidepressants. What else are they going to do? Obviously they’re going to put us on antidepressants and that’s going to shut off our creativity which is going to make us even easier to control than we were before. We’re really screwed then – we’re even separated from our own feelings, we’ve been surgically separated from the feelings of rage and despair that we have at being totally screwed over by the system. Ironic or what?


The odds are pretty well stacked against us as you can see. We don’t really stand a chance. We’ve been stitched up good and proper. We’ve been done up like kippers. And even if we did rebel and say “Fuck you” to the man in the suit we would straightaway get diagnosed by psychiatrists as having oppositional behaviour personality disorder or whatever the fuck they call it and so we’d be screwed that way too. We’re screwed every way.


And all the pop stars are controlled by the Illuminati and they deliberately let us know that they are in all the music videos by employing well-known Illuminati symbology like all that All-Seeing Eye stuff or whatever other stuff and the reason they do this is because we’re so fucked up that there’s nothing we can do about it anyway and so they’re just taking the piss. Naturally they’re taking the piss – why wouldn’t they? Of course they would. It stands to reason that they would want to rub it in. Have a good old laugh. They’re all having a bloody good laugh because we’re such fucking morons.


Anyway that’s the kind of stuff I was reading on all these websites. I know most people don’t believe this stuff but this is of course because they’re totally brainwashed. I mean let’s face it – most people are just pure bloody morons. They’d believe any dumb shit the system tells them. They’re in the business of believing bullshit. They can’t get enough bullshit when it comes down to it. The bastards are hungry for it. That’s the name of the game – the name of the game that we’re all  playing as if our lives depend on it. What a bloody joke, huh? What a fucking piss-take…




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