Imagine that you are a member of the Church of Universal Love. You are walking up to a house (it is your house). As you walk up the path to the front door you notice the net curtain in the living room window twitch and you see a face looking furtively out. (It is your face). As you see this face you realize that that this (wo)man is a lost soul, a hopelessly deluded worldling leading a life of shallow, empty, pointless self-interest. You see clearly, without blame or judgement, that this is a (wo)man who does not know God, a (wo)man who has not let God into his/her life. You feel compassion, you feel the pain of his/her wasted, stunted life. You want to reach out and touch him/her, you want to say to him/her “Look! You have gone wrong! It is a mistake to live like this, to lead a life of shallow self-interest! You are missing out on so much and you do not even know it. You are missing out on God’s love.” You know that, lost soul though (s)he is, (s)he can still be saved. There is still a chance. You also know that you might well be his/her last chance of salvation. If you fail (s)he might not ever renounce the ways of unrighteousness. You know that if you fail (s)he will be doomed to follow that wretched unhappy path to the grim place where it leads, the place called hell or Hades, where the unfortunate lost ones experience the unbearable torment of the damned. Confident and strong, full of the quiet determination which does not quail no matter how severely it is tested, you take the final few steps and knock boldly on the door.



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