I am Addicted to the Heroin of the Socially Prescribed Life


I am addicted to the heroin of the socially prescribed life. Yes I know that sounds bad. “Did you hear that Richard, the man says he’s addicted to heroin…” Terrible, terrible, terrible. Heroin is so awful isn’t it. So degrading – such an awful drug. Well terrible it might be my friends but it’s nothing compared to the heroin of the socially-prescribed life. You think the old brown power is bad – you should see what the heroin of normatively defined existence does to you! That’s just my point you see because you can’t see it. None of us can see it. It’s a strange kind of an illness that we’re talking about here – it becomes invisible to us as soon as we catch it. It becomes normal to us the moment we catch it. It’s filth – it’s the purest, most unutterable filth. ‘Degrading’ doesn’t come into it. And yet once we have become infected with the disease – once it’s spores have penetrated deep into our brain – then this unspeakable filth is straightaway transformed into mother’s milk! It’s transformed into grandma’s apple pie. The thing about this particular type of corporate filth, this particular type of socially-approved garbage, is that we are addicted to it. It’s a category 1 drug. They make the old brown powder illegal alright but no one ever mentions the lorry-loads of toxic slurry that comes down the officially-sanctioned pipeline every day and buries us up to the eyes. Where’s the problem with this, we ask? What’s wrong with toxic slurry for God’s sake? A little bit of toxic slurry never did anyone any harm. Open your stupid mouths a bit wider you stupid bastards you don’t look like you’re getting enough of it! Come on now let me see if I can get the slurry pipe actually jammed in your mouth to make sure you get the proper dose of it. Never mind if your jaw gets dislocated in the process – just think of the benefits! It’s not the information highway it’s a tidal wave of industrial effluent coming at us from all angles. It’s the Great Deluge! It’s modern culture! But don’t worry folks. It’s fine. Please return to your seats. It’s all quite normal – no need for anyone to be concerned…













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