We’re All Just Generic Products of the Social System


We’re all just generic products of the social system I realized the other day as I made my way back from Dunnes down the Western Distributor Road. That’s the long and the short of it. A bit of a depressing thought I suppose but there you are. Not exactly the most inspirational of insights it’s true but hey – what are you going to do? A realization is a realization – who says we have to like it? On the whole when a realization comes along it’s more than likely that we WON’T like it. Isn’t that that the way with realizations? Isn’t that why we don’t generally like realizing too much?


If I could rewind my story a bit, what brought this realization along was seeing all those godawful posters of politician’s faces all the way up the road. Stuck up all over the place so that you can’t help seeing them. Was there even a more dismal sight than the faces of these guys? Was there ever anything more soul-destroying than having to look at these bastards? These are rhetorical questions you understand. Meaning that I know the answer already…


So there I was walking down the road with my bag of shopping wondering what was wrong with the world that I had to be staring at these clowns when it occurred to me that they were simply generic products of society, no more and no less, and that this was an inevitable consequence of the way politics works. The way to win in this game was to get more votes than anyone else and the way to get more votes than anyone else was to appeal to as many of the voting population as humanly possible and the way to do this way to do this was to be as generic as possible. The logic is simple. The generic appeals to the generic. The generic speaks to the generic (though needless to say this isn’t a conversation you’d particularly want to be listening to). So what happens when you distil the very essence of what it means to be generic social unit is that you get one of these guys. And we have to be looking at them for however long it takes.


But the thing is – I went on to consider – that none of this would be happening if we weren’t generic units ourselves. This is when I had my realization about us all being generic products of the social system. Like so many cans of coke or so many McDonald’s cheese burgers. Coming off the assembly line in all our millions. Row after fucking row. For what, I ask you? What’s the point? What’s the bloody point in it all? Is there someone out there having a laugh or what? I suspect that there isn’t however. There’s no one left to be laughing. We’re all taking it perfectly seriously. Every last wretched one of us…


What do you bloody do if you’re a generic product of the social system? What are we to aspire to? What kind of thoughts should be running around our heads? What should we be saying to each other? If it was an experiment someone was running then it’s worked too bloody well. There’s no one left to tabulate the results! The bloody virus jumped right out of the petri dish and it’s taken over the lab. It’s infected the brains of all the lab technicians and turned them into fucking cheeseburgers. Fucking cheeseburgers. It’s a disaster. Can cheeseburgers carry out research on cheeseburgers? What would they discover if they did?


Something bloody interesting I’ll be bound. Yes, that’s certainly worth waiting around to find out. We’ll all be holding our breath. On tenterhooks. Sitting on the edge of our seats. Stuffing our stupid bloody faces with cheeseburgers…





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