Be Warned My Friend

Take heed of this sober warning


Corruption surrounds us on all sides, yet our eyes have grown used to it and think what they gaze upon fair


It is all falsehood my friend


Falsehood upon falsehood, right from the very beginning


What has it been called?


The Empire of Lies is what it has been called


Listen to these words my friend


On all sides you are surrounded by the alluring smiles of feigned happiness


Beautiful, enraptured faces are smiling at you, saying


“Do what I am doing. Be like me and be happy and successful…”


“See how much enjoyment we are having.”


“Don’t you wish you could be like us?”


“Step this way and you’ll never regret it.”


“Join us…”


Their smiles have been sold my friend


Sold to Satan


Sold to Mara


Sold to the Evil One, Ahriman, Lord of Lies


Sold to Shaitan the Whisperer, the Great Deceiver, Father of Falsehood


This is his garden. We dwell in his domain


Let us not be mistaken about this…







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