Bursting My Own Bubble

“Hey you guys check this out right,” I bawled out excitedly, to no one in particular, “Just ten minutes ago I was down in the dumps, feeling lousy, feeling like shit, miserable as fuck, and now all of a sudden I’m on top of the world, feeling fantastic, feeling bloody brilliant! I’ve never felt so great! I’m bloody flying it, mates! I’m out of my bloody tree. I’m out of my gourd. It’s fucking A 1. It’s fucking ace!”


I just couldn’t believe how good I felt. I was buzzing like a bastard. I had never been on such a good buzz ever. This was unbelievably awesome. I let out a whoop of exultation at the top of my voice, “Weyhey lads! This is so fucking great – I’m bloody flying it and no mistake!”


But the moment I said this I realized that it wasn’t actually true. As soon as I said it I knew it was a total lie. I wasn’t feeling that good at all. I was actually feeling very bad indeed. Extremely bad. I was on a downer. I was on a real bummer. The bubble had burst and I was feeling like shit warmed up…









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