Infinite Malice


The truth, they say, cuts like a knife, and today I was having to deal with altogether too much of the stuff. Too much of the truth, that is. The truth is that I am not actually a human being at all – as I had up to this point in my life fondly liked to imagine that I was. I’m not any sort of human being, not even a useless crappy one. Even that would be something. That would be rather a lot, actually. I would be happy with that. I would cry tears of relief if that were the case…


What I am is not any sort of human being, however. What I am is eight separate demons from the depths of God knows what hells. These demons dwell in me and control me. These demons – the puppeteers – have been allowing me to think that I was an actual human being. They have been allowing me to think that I was a fairly decent human being, in fact.


They have provided me with this mocking illusion as some kind of elaborate and spiteful joke, as I now see. It amuses them to play such tricks. I don’t call these beings demons for no good reason you see – they are creatures of undiluted malignancy, beings of unimaginable mendacity, delighting in the harm they cause to the world. Driven by the demonic force of the sheer horror and despair that exists at their core, they have no will other than to act out their infinite malice on the human race, using me as their instrument.


I know that now. Shall I step down, I wonder? Shall I resign from my post as President Elect of the New World Government? But even as I have this thought I know that it is an empty question – the dark puppet-masters who control me will never permit it…

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