Big Deal

city direct.2

“Oh my god,” I thought to myself as I looked through the window of the red City-Direct bus, “This is the world and I’m in it!” I couldn’t get over this. I was in the world.


“Wow. Wow. Wow.” I kept thinking to myself as I stared out of the window. “This is the world! These are houses! Those are trees! These are people!” and so on.


When the bus got to Eyre Sq I got out and wondered around a bit. I was still totally amazed. I walked around and around, completely gobsmacked.I could get over it.


“My god,” I said to myself, “I’m in the world and I’m also part of the world…”


Everything I saw blew me away. Dogs walking on the pavement blew me away, people blew me away, bits of rubbish left lying here and there in the street blew me away.


“This is awesome!” I kept thinking, “This is absolutely incredible….”


Then as time went by I got jaded. I became blasé about it, uninterested. I’d seen it all before.


“Yeah yeah yeah, whatever…” I said, “blah, blah, blah the world. I get it…”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I thought to myself, growing impressed with my new-found sophistication.


“It’s the world. Okay. Fine. So what’s new? Big fucking deal….”


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