The police were out combing the streets for me. They were out in force, sirens blazing, checking every alley, every side-street. Helicopters, dogs, special flying surveillance drones, the lot. The police were searching high and low for me. Searching, searching, searching. Searching, searching, searching. Did these lads ever know how to search! Boy did they ever. They knew what they were at. They had it down to a fine art, that’s for sure. They had the whole area locked down. You couldn’t come or go without them clocking you. Checkpoints everywhere. It was a massive operation – one of the biggest. A full-scale job. They weren’t holding back – no sir they weren’t. Not these lads. They were going for it. They meant business. What am I talking about – the police always mean business. It’s their business to mean business. They’re like that about everything, really. That’s the police for you – a very serious lot, when it comes down to it. Predictable, you could say. Somewhat robotic in their nature! Highly robotic in their nature. Not at all noted for their sense of humour…


They were everywhere. I could hear sirens and police radios everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. Stopping people in the street. Showing pictures, asking if anyone had seen this man in the area. Boy were they looking hard for me! They were single-minded in their intent. They were absolutely determined. They were absolutely dead-set on getting their man. And that man was me! It was me they were looking for! It was me they were showing everyone photos of. It was me they were combing the streets for! I was the reason all those police lads had their combs out!


You might think that all of this was freaking me right out. You might think that it was shitting me up goodo. You might think that I was bricking it big time at this stage. You might think that they had me scared shitless with their single-mindedness. Not at all! Nothing could be further from the truth. I was just sitting there smiling away to myself. Big grin on my face. Smiling away to myself, sitting relaxed at a table outside my favourite café, sipping a chai latte and enjoying the show. I knew they couldn’t find me. I knew it with absolute certainty. How did I know this? Simple – I had experienced what in Japan they call satori. The experience in which one realizes that there is no experiencer. I had realized that I didn’t exist! This is a true story, by the way. It really did happen – I’m not just making this up!



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