The Territory


I can tell straightaway whether somebody has ever spent time in the Territory or not. There’s just something about them, a certain look in their eyes, a way they have about them, a particular sense that you get off them. It’s a subtle kind of a thing – I can’t really explain it. It’s indescribable. Once you know it however you can’t mistake it. You just know it. It takes one to know one, as they say.


Very few people have any knowledge of the Territory. And certainly not the type of people society celebrates! It doesn’t matter how smart or how educated they’re supposed to be – whether they are university lecturers or doctors of philosophy or professors of this, that or the other. That doesn’t mean shit – it really doesn’t. These people are all clueless as far as I am concerned. They’re clueless and – of course – they don’t have the remotest conception that they are. They don’t have the basic cop-on to know it. That’s what makes them so ridiculous, in my eyes. I can’t take these guys seriously at all. I can’t entertain them.


What do they know? “Oh, I’ve studied such-and-such,” they probably think to themselves, “I’ve got a Masters in this. I’ve got a PhD in whatever. I’m a trained professional whatever you call it. I’m a world-renowned expert in such-and-such.”


Bullcrap! That’s such a load of bollocks. It’s laughable, it really is. These guys know nothing. They know less than nothing. Those guys know didley-squat, and they don’t even have the basic sense in their thick heads to see that they know didley-squat. They don’t have the basic sense to see how foolish they are thinking that they know something. You couldn’t tell them.


What can I say? These guys are circus clowns. They’re colossal dopes. They are a pack of braying jack-asses.


What really gets me about them however is that they’re so bloody full of themselves. They really are. They think they’ve got it all sussed. They’re so up themselves that it’s unbelievable. What idiots! They’re pure fools. They’re a bunch of jerks. A bunch of deluded halfwits. Strutting around the place, mouthing off about this that and mouthing off about the other the whole time. They never get tired of mouthing off.


It’s the look on their faces that sickens me the most – I don’t even know how to describe it, but they’ve all got it. That rotten stupid old look. Smarmy, complacent, superior. Condescending when they talk to you. Like they know something you don’t. It’s the look that comes with thinking that you know it all when you don’t. It’s that smug, self-satisfied air that they emanate. They’re so bloody full of themselves. So sarcastically dismissive of anything that doesn’t agree with their bullshit view of reality. I feel nauseated even talking about them.


These guys are absolutely convinced that they know it all. They are absolutely convinced that that they are the bee’s knees. They are preposterous. They are ludicrous. The degree of their self-deludedness is truly terrifying. It fascinates me, and at the same time it revolts me utterly. It irritates me. It annoys the living crap out of me.


All these people that everyone thinks are so great are kidding on that they know something. The funny thing is however that they really don’t what it is that they are kidding on to know! They’re working in the dark. They’re fooling themselves at the same time that they’re fooling everyone else – they think that they know something great and so this makes them all puffed up about themselves. This makes them feel pretty bloody smart. Oh yes. It makes them feel pretty bloody smart indeed, I can tell you. It really does.


I myself have visited the Territory many times at this stage. I’ve been there many, many times. I’m not going to talk about it however. No one who has been there will. It’s just not the sort of thing you CAN talk about. You can’t tell someone else about it – either you’ve been there or you haven’t. And the ones that haven’t are the ones that are yapping on the whole time, making out that they’re so great…


If you don’t know about the Territory you’ll undoubtedly feel that you’ve been around the block a few times. That’s how it works. If you haven’t ever visited the Territory then you’ll feel that you have seen a few things in your time. Oh yes. You’ll be cocky that way. Very cocky. You’ll have a certain swagger in your step. But I can assure you, that type of cockiness would disappear in a second if you ever did get to visit the Territory. By God it would…








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