Do you know, I’ve just figured it out – anything anyone says to you, and you believe, is a mind-programme, is a meme. If you’ve believed what I’ve just said there then you’ve just been infected with one. You’ve just been infected wiith a mind-programme, with a meme. How neat is that!!!


That’s exactly how it works. That’s how it happens. That’s how it all happens, and when I say ‘all’ I mean ALL. It’s all mind-programmes – everything. Everything you think, everything you talk about, all the stuff you love or hate, the stuff you like or don’t like on Facebook, it’s all memes. Memes, memes, memes. The entire world is made up of nothing more inspirational than a vast planet-wide conglomeration of toxic mind-memes…


So the whole thing about these memes is that we pass them on to each other. Like a disease. Like fast-breeding bacteria. Like genital herpes. Or whatever. It’s just a contagion, that’s all. Human culture is one big unholy contagion. One big cold-sore on the face of the planet. Or rather it’s lots of different contagions fighting it out against each other. Slugging it out like heavyweights. Trashing everything as they do so. My virus is better than your virus. My contagion is better than your contagion. My contagion can whip your contagion. Your contagion is shit, your contagion is wrong. Whatever.


So this is what I just figured out – when you meet another person what happens is that you both try to infect each other. I try to infect your mind and you try to infect my mind. It’s a battle. And on the bigger scale of things – it’s a war. If you’re kind of lacking in self-confidence, or have low self-esteem, or whatever then they’re going to infect you every time. Man, you’re fucked! You’re everyone’s bitch! Everyone’s going to do you! And if you’ve got the big mouth, the patter, the golden personality, the charm and the confidence – then you’re gonna spread your memes all over the place! Your memes are going to win the war. Only they’re not your memes – you’re theirs. You’re their compliant meat puppet. Nothing else. Nothing more. You don’t like to hear that? You’d rather carry on living in your fantasy where you’re not a meat-puppet? Well, go right ahead! Don’t let me stop you. Knock yourself out…


It happens in polite society just the same as it does in the slum. Mutual infection and re-infection. Over a glass of bubbly. Over a glass of anything, really. Everyone’s trying to put their shit onto someone else, and all under the name of ‘communication’. Drink is great for the old mind-viruses. They love it. They’re in their element – no opposition then. They can do what they want. They can run riot. The mind-viruses run the drinking business – they operate it with finesse, with aplomb. They run the advertising agencies, the mind memes do. That’s them. Can’t you just smell them? Of course you can – you just don’t want to.


Can’t you just smell them? Behind every fake smile lies a meme. Every false smile hides a mind-virus. All they want to do is infect you. They smile like sharks. Not much humour in it. Not much humanity in it either, for that matter. All they want is access to your hard drive. Turn you into another blank unit, another empty smile. How are you. How’s it going, Mr Meme? How’s your cotton-picking day going? Fair play to you sir – you’re a credit to the mind viruses that have you hopping and skipping and jumping down the street every day. You dirty scoundrel you. You dirty rotten meme you…


When you have enough to drink then the mind-viruses take over. There’s nothing to stop them, there’s nothing to get in their way. They run riot. Why wouldn’t they? There’s no one there anyway. The lights are on but there’s nobody home. There’s nobody there. Only the memes. Only the memes. Only the memes. Swarming all over you like maggots in rotting flesh. The filthy dirty mind-viruses. Swarming away. Seething and swarming like the maggots they are. Making you say shit, making you do shit. Owning you. Extracting the urine. Taking the piss every minute of your so-called ‘life’…


The mind-viruses run everything, not just the filthy stinking advertising corporations. Turning us all into meat puppets. They run it all. They run the whole show. They have it all sewn up. It’s a closed shop. You have to be a member of the club. You have to be infected with the right set of memes to be let in. That’s your passport to success. In Memeworld.


You want to get on in the world? Then make sure you get infected good and proper. So that there’s nothing human left. Oh dear no, we don’t want any of that! No sir we don’t… If you want to get on in the world then get a head. Get a head full of memes. Isn’t that right? You dirty old meme you. If you want to get on in Memeworld then you need a good head full of memes on your shoulders. Fair play to you sir. Fair fucks to you. If you want to get on in Memeworld then you need to be a meme. You have to be a meat-puppet, like all the rest. But it’s a small price to pay, right? A mere detail…




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