IMAGINE: you are a businessman of some sort sitting behind a desk in a busy office. It is your office, and it is your desk. You are totally engrossed in paperwork, there are a pile of forms lying in front of you. Possibly you are working for a market research company or something like that. It doesn’t really matter. You hold a fairly important position. You are also very busy. You have a lot on your mind…


All of a sudden the door is kicked open with a terrific, splintering crash. A tall, unearthly figure enters the room. His eyes, hooded slits that seem to emit stabbing bursts of uncanny radiation energy, scan the office.


There is something about him: a sense of efficiency, an absolute economy of movement. He spots you, and before your befuddled mind can take in what is happening he is standing in front of you.


His fist lands on your desk, cracking it into two pieces in an extraordinary display of violence. Your report forms flutter into the air. They hang there for a stretched moment of time. Your attention is stupidly captured by this fluttering display.  Nobody says a word. All are frozen, shocked beyond belief.


The man is accusing you of something. He is looking into your eyes and you can feel his anger. He roars at you in a deep, compelling voice that seems to reach right down into the marrow of your bones. It is an awful voice – a voice that is almost too deep to hear, a voice that shakes you to the very core. He roars:




He holds you in his remorseless gaze for a minute. Two minutes. Three minutes. You feel faint. The room swims before your eyes. Your heart is pounding and there is a roaring in your ears. You start to feel as if you are choking. Your shirt is drenched in sweat. Cold sweat. You can’t bear it any longer…


And then, just as you feel that you are about to pass out, he turns around and strides out of the room as quickly as he entered. Leaving you in utter confusion.


He is right. You have forgotten! Something very important.


But what?





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