Telling People About Jesus


People often ask me what line of business I’m in on account of how smartly I’m dressed, on account of how well turned out I am. Often they take me to be some kind of high-powered salesman, but the product I’m selling isn’t the ordinary sort. The product I’m promoting is Jesus Christ. My job – as I see it – is to go around telling everyone about Jesus Christ and how He can save you. It’s a pretty important message and I pass it on to the best of my ability. Telling people about Jesus Christ is just about the most important thing in my life, you could say. You wouldn’t be wrong if you said that. I go around telling people about how if you don’t let Jesus Christ into your life and ask Him to save you, then – without any doubt at all – you’re heading towards damnation. That you’re on the path to damnation whether you realize it or not. I keep a big poster on the wall of my study, where I can see it when I’m sitting behind my writing desk, and it shows a man slumped down in his armchair, asking himself a question. You can tell he’s asking himself a question because there’s a big old question mark hanging over his head. The question is written in big black letters right at the top of the poster’. “Where Will You Spend Eternity?” it asks. This is the question we all need to ask ourselves. It’s either going to be the one place or the other, as the Bible plainly tells us. It’s either going to be an Eternity in Heaven, or an Eternity in Hell, and I know where I’d prefer! I know the place I’d pick, given the choice! And God does give us a choice. He created us – out of His Infinite Wisdom – and then He gave us the choice of spending Eternity either in Heaven or in Hell depending upon whether we are willing to accept the life He has planned for us, or whether we’re not. And He’s made it very simple for us to do that – all we have to do is read the Holy Bible. It’s all in there. The Bible is the Operator’s Guide to Life. It’s the User’s Manual! It’s all there. The only thing we have to do is accept the life he has planned for us and our future in Heaven is guaranteed. There’s no doubt about that at all. It’s a done deal. God Almighty never breaks a promise. He never welshes on a deal. So I travel around the country telling people about this promise, about God’s plan for us, about how all we need to do in order to avoid Eternal Damnation is to let Jesus Christ into our lives as our Personal Saviour. Telling people about this great deal. About how all we need to do is to accept God’s plan. Live the life God has in mind for us. What could be simpler than that? And yet the one thing I can never understand is how so many people that I meet just aren’t interested. How many people that just plain don’t want to know. Won’t even listen to me when I try to give them the message. I just don’t get it.  It’s a good deal God is offering us here. God is real and his Promise to us is real and I truly believe that. Why else would I spend all my time running around telling everyone about it if I didn’t? That just wouldn’t make any sense…



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