Giant Crouching Hillbilly_close up-A

Cody was the kind of a guy who took a keen pleasure in his bodily functions. When he was pissing he would look appreciatively at the orange, frothing, somewhat opaque jet of rank-smelling urine splashing against the porcelain and he’d think to himself “good piss”. Sometimes he said it out loud, too. The same when he took a crap. Cody was positively serene when he was taking a crap, like a Buddha or something. He looked like he was being enlightened. Nothing – but nothing – would bother this boy when he was having a shit. “Good crap” he’d say to himself afterwards, with keen appreciation, and the sense of satisfaction he’d get out of it would stay with him long after he’d flushed the toilet. When he ate something it would be the same – a serene, contemplative look would come over his face and you could see he was really getting into it. Eating really focussed his mind. Conversation over dinner wasn’t Cody’s style at all. You wouldn’t want to interrupt him halfway through his vittles. That was one thing pretty much guaranteed to spoil his mood, and you wouldn’t want to do that! Cody loved sleeping too. He did a lot of sleeping, did Cody. It was like a hobby or something with him. Nothing bothered Cody when he was sleeping either – he was the very picture of peacefulness. Slept like a baby every time. It would do your heart good to see him. Cody really knew how to sleep. Other folks often have problems getting off to sleep at night but not so Cody – he could doze away all afternoon in his armchair and still drop off to sleep the moment his head touched the pillow at night, with that beatific smile of his on his face… Mind you, old Cody didn’t exactly do a hell of a lot else other than eating and sleeping and crapping and pissing. He didn’t do anything else, come to think of it, but nevertheless you could see that he enjoyed his life. He got a real kick out of it. He looked forward to every day. I tell you, we could all take a lesson in living from a guy like Cody! I really do think we could all learn a lot from him.








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