MONDO 77CL44 is a world inhabited mainly by deteriorated shells. Deteriorated shells and those soon to be deteriorated. What more can I say about this world? What more is there to say, other than this? It is a decay-phase world and that is that…


The shells act out the arcs of their decay trajectories with perfect fidelity, never deviating from their mapped-out courses by so much as an iota. And the whole time the deluded and hypnotized consciousness trapped in the shells continue to hallucinate that all is well. That nothing bad is happening. That was all one big party.


The hypnotized consciousness continue to fantasize lives of one sort or another, none of them reflecting in anyway the grim reality of what is going on. Such is life in a decay-phase world such as MONDO 77CL44, if it can be called such.


This situation is like that of a lorry driver who has succumbed to fatigue whilst driving his heavy goods vehicle down a steep mountain road. He is fast asleep and mere seconds from plummeting to his death, and yet he dreams that he is sprawled out on a deck-chair on a beach in Tenerife. To say that an illusion like this is ‘precarious’ is to make a tremendous understatement, and yet it is to an illusion such as this that the deluded denizens of MONDO 77CL44 are clinging…


Of course – as we all know very well – time-flow is subjective and in these decay-phase worlds it can be stretched out practically indefinitely – we are trapped in the moment before the vehicle plunges to its destruction, and yet it is – to us – as if we have all the time in the world…


In the final stages the illusion starts to stretch to breaking-point, however. We come towards the limit of the life-time of the illusion time and here time starts to race – it goes faster and faster, until even in our dreams we can feel the mad panicky rush of it. Such is life in a decay-world such as MONDO 77CL44, if we can go so far as to call it life.


One of the names they have for this world is Urath. This is a distortion of the truth. Urath is the source world, the True World, whereas the world they call ‘Urath’ is no more than a darkened echo – a decay-world, a ghost-world, a world inhabited by deteriorated personality husks…








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