If God Exists


I keep having bad thoughts about people. I don’t know why. Some fella walks by and I kind of sneer inwardly. “Arsehole!” I think to myself. Or I pass by some woman in the aisle in Tesco and think “What’s wrong with you, bitch?” It gets worse. Even little kids, playing away innocently, or doing whatever it is that they do, cause me to experience feeling of intense dislike. Its not like they’re doing me any harm or anything, but I can’t help thinking to myself what they’ll be like when they grow up and this thought immediately sickens me. They’ll probably grow up to be solicitors and accountants and PR men and pharmacists and sales reps I think and then my heart becomes full of darkness and I find it impossible to take any pleasure in their innocence.


Teenagers really get to me. I really have to struggle to control myself when I see teenagers so that it doesn’t show on my face how much I hate and despise them. Useless arrogant self-obsessed little fuckers. They should be ethnically cleansed. What really gets me is that they obviously feel think that they’re so fucking smart. Smug little bastards that they are. When it is also very obvious indeed to anyone who isn’t a teenager themselves that they are actually brain-dead retards without an original thought in their heads. A bunch of pathetic tools. Everything about them is dictated by the fashion industry, the music industry, the mobile phone industry, the social media industry, the ‘lets exploit teenagers industry’.


They’re dumb but they don’t know it and that’s what annoys me so much about them. Mind you, that’s true about the whole human race, and that is why people in general irritate the hell out of me. Overhearing conversations is something that has recently become particularly unbearable for me. Some woman would be sitting close by in the coffee shop and she’d start talking to her friend. The moment she opens her mouth I start cringing – everything she says is so painfully redundant that I can’t understand why she bothers to say it. And yet say it she does. Not only does she say it, she delights in saying it. She can’t contain herself. On and on and on until I feel like getting up and leaving without finishing my coffee.


And there is this self-satisfied tone in her voice, as if she’s coming out with veritable gems of wisdom. It’s enough to make me scream – the sheer bloody torture of it. People always have this habit of saying “If God exists then why does he allow such terrible things to happen?” Then they look smug, as if they had just said something both original and terribly profound. I think to myself, “If God exists why does he allow you to carry on existing?”


I often wonder why God doesn’t just annihilate the whole human race. Has He no self-respect? Or am I wrong to think this way?







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