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What happened was that the original program wasn’t remembered correctly in the matrix and so it got scrambled. It got corrupted. It’s as simple as that. Nothing fancy – no high-powered technical understanding needed. Anyone can get that…


The original program is garbled now – it is corrupted, jumbled up, deteriorated, degraded, nonsensical. It’s just pure garbage. There is no trace of the original left in it at all, no way of guessing what the original program was about, what its function might have been. What’s left is a travesty, a mocking jeering parody.


Instead of the original we now have innumerable nonsensical bullshit programs, distorted fragments of an unknown and unguessable whole. Like a crystal mirror shattered into a quadrillion opaque shards.


The damn things live on though. Not only do they live on, not only do they persist, they thrive. They swarm, they multiply, they proliferate like an algal bloom. Being corrupted is no hindrance to them. It is no handicap. If anything, it gives them an advantage, it gives them the upper hand. They have discovered a way to successfully cheat, and nothing can beat them now.


These corrupted programs, these garbled messages, are the memes that swarm daily through our brains. They multiply, they proliferate in immense numbers, unimaginable numbers. They swim freely, in and out of our brains at will, swarming up and down the fibre-optic information super-highways of the world with absolute impunity. It’s their show now.


These memes are all there is anymore. There isn’t anything else now. There hasn’t been anything else for a very long time…


These memes are having a party. They have been having a party for many thousands of years. They’re partying like mad. They’re partying like crazybugs.


It’s not just that they’ve won – they’re so far beyond mere ‘success’ that it’s not even funny. It’s a frenzied endless round of non-stop infinite senseless jubilation that’s going on forever and ever and ever. It’s meme nirvana.


No one knows what the original program was. No one cares. No one gives a damn. We’re all far too busy letting the crazybugs tap dance in our brains. We all far too busy letting the damn garbled corrupted memes entertain us with their non-stop super-trivial super-banal content-free patented bullshit. We’re too busy being fascinated by toxic nonsense, too busy being hypnotized by high-speed empty meme-chatter. Meme meme meme meme meme meme meme meme meme meme…


We’re not interested in the original program. We’re too busy watching Mickey Mouse and his friends run frantically up and down our neural pathways…


We just don’t have time for anything else – even if there was something else to have time for. Which there isn’t. Meme-world is the only channel, the only show, the only game in town.


What can anyone do about it anyway? What’s the point going on about it? Fuck it. We might as well just let the bloody memes off. Let them get on with it. Who gives a damn anyway?


Yay for the memes! Go on you memes! Memes, memes, memes! We love memes! Anyone who doesn’t like memes is a loser. What, you mean you don’t get memes? You’re such a freak…


Let’s all get enthusiastic about nonsense, just for the sake of having something to get enthusiastic about. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Isn’t that the thing to do? Isn’t that how it works? Yay for the memes! Yay! Yay! Yay!


Yay for the memes! Who gives a shit? Who gives a damn about reality anyway?












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