The Bad Thing

I had a terrible nightmare last night. I dreamt that Tony came knocking on the frost door and that when I opened it he straightaway told me the bad thing, the thing I really didn’t want to hear. Then I woke up and I heard a frantic banging on the front door and when I opened it I saw Tony standing there (just like in my dream) and then before I could stop him he straightaway told me the bad thing. This wasn’t a dream though it was real life and this made it a lot worse than a nightmare because in a nightmare no matter how bad it is you can always wake up, right? I was already awake though so there was way out. I couldn’t wake up out of this. There was no getting out of it. I had heard it and no matter how much I wanted to I couldn’t pretend I hadn’t. It couldn’t ever be undone. Not ever.

The bad thing! The bad thing! The bad thing! People live their entire lives in mortal dread of hearing the bad thing. Whole civilizations have come into being for no other reason than to distract the citizens from ever having to think about it. Terrible unspeakable crimes have been committed to prevent it from being spoken. And then Tony comes running up and comes right out and says it! He just comes right out with it! Blabbers it right out like a total blithering fool before anyone can stop him! Just like that! Fuck him…

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