Titanic Matter



I keep trying to explain about Titanic matter to people but no one seems to understand. Well, it’s not that they don’t understand – they just don’t give a shit. They look away, with expressions of infinite boredom on their faces… Either that or they sneer at me, making out that I am some kind of moron, making out that I am just looking for attention. WHY does no once care to understand about Titanic matter? WHY is this so infinitely boring to people? WHY does everyone walk away, or act as if they had something more important to do, when I start talking about it? I am now reduced to posting comments on Facebook about it, which is rich. I keep posting comments and articles but no one EVER likes them. Surprise, surprise! It really pisses me off.


When I say that there are two types of matter in the universe I am not talking about matter versus antimatter. Matter and antimatter are clearly the same thing, just as a wheel spinning one way is clearly the same thing as the same wheel spinning the other way. No, what I am talking about is ordinary matter versus Titanic matter. When Zeus, with the help of the other Olympians, destroyed the Titans in the colossal prehistoric conflict known as the Titanomachy he did not destroy all the Titanic matter in the universe. On the contrary, when the Titans were destroyed the matter they were composed of was scattered far and wide, and still exists in the world today (albeit invisibly) in greater and lesser degrees of concentration. It hasn’t gone anywhere and it is every bit as potent a force as it ever was.


Titanic matter is different from regular matter in that it is far, far heavier. It is not heavier in the sense that we usually understand the word, it is not heavy in the sense of physical ‘weight’ but heavier in the sense of having a far greater level of vibrational density. From a psychic point of view, Titanic matter is made up of much heavier vibrations – it is extraordinarily opaque in nature, which means that it is extraordinarily effective in blocking out or occluding light. Again, it is not physical light we are talking about here but astral light – which is the light that permeates the whole of the universe, and which emanates from the Original Source. It could be said – in a way – that Titanic matter is the enemy of astral light. It has what we might call an ‘adversarial role’. Titanic matter is also extraordinarily difficult to change, which is of course the same as saying that it is very hard indeed to destroy, which is what Zeus found out when he freed the world from the domination of the Titans.


The fact that Titanic material still exists in the world, albeit not in the bodies of Titans, is extremely significant, and yet it is something we never ever think about. What comes to my mind straight-away is Hans Christian Andersen’s well-known fairy tale The Snow Queen. In this story there is mirror invented by Satan which makes a mockery of everything it reflects. It makes everything that appears in it ugly and crude and laughable. The more beautiful something is the more the mirror will distort it and make a low joke of it. So one day someone gets the idea of carrying the distorting mirror up to heaven to make a joke not just of the Angels but of God Himself. A gang of lesser devils grab the mirror and start flying up to heaven with it but the higher they get the more the mirror shakes until finally it falls from the devils’ grasp and plummets to earth, where it shatters into a hundred million razor-sharp little shards, which duly scatter into the four winds. In the story, some of these shards end up lodging in the hearts of innocent human beings, causing the person to lose their good nature and become perverse. When this happens the person becomes cold-hearted, cruel, calculating, wilful, malicious, and so on. So the accident with the Satan’s distorting mirror has major consequences.


These days we see fairy tales and the like as being no more than convenient entertainment for small children. We prefer adult entertainment such as romcoms and action films, or perhaps more serious programs about the current affairs and politics. But all fairy tales contain ancient wisdom – and this particular tale of the Snow Queen contains a message we would do well to listen to. The message I am talking about is of course pretty damn obvious! At this point in time I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t got some small portion of Titanic matter lodged in their body. It is not a question of a few unfortunate people here and there who are infected by the psychic contagion – we are all infected, and we are all sick as a result. It’s across the board at this stage I would say: we’ve all gone ‘over to the dark side’ to some extent or other. Some more than others, obviously…


You may not agree, but that’s my thinking on the subject anyway, for what its worth. I think it explains what’s going on in the world very well. But that isn’t the really disturbing thing – the really disturbing thing is that in the last five hundred years or so Titanic matter is on the move, circulating purposefully, gathering itself together so that it can consolidate and extend its power. In short, the dispersed Titanic matter has started to migrate and concentrate itself in a relatively small number of key individuals who are composed entirely of pure Titanic matter. These people are living amongst us, completely undetectable to our everyday senses, apparently normal in every respect and – of course – busy manoeuvring into position for what is to come. I know because I have met some of them.


I know there’s always been bad eggs around. Scum-bags, villains, thugs, bullies, users, parasites, predators, sadists, out-and-out psychopaths and so on. We all know people like that and for the most part we also know how to either deal with them or avoid them. That’s not what I’m talking about though. The characters I am talking about are in a different league altogether. A whole different ball-park. Nothing in common. These creatures that are made entirely out of Titanic matter, although looking like average humans, might as well come from another star-system, another galaxy, as far as we are concerned. They can be as charming and well-mannered as you please, they can give every indication of being marvellously cultivated, sensitive, conscientious, humane and altruistic. Their personal behaviour and demeanour may often be quite immaculate. But these guys – as I have said – are only apparently human – in reality they are following an entirely different trajectory.


I can’t make this point strongly enough – these beings are not human at all and are not even remotely similar. Their vibrational frequency is profoundly different to ours – psychically speaking, it is as if they are made of stone. They are intractable, immutable, impenetrable, undeterable. They can’t be put off, nothing sways them, nothing knocks them off course. They walk and talk and do ordinary things like anyone else might but in reality they belong to another world entirely – a world governed by very different laws. They exist in our world but come from another. To anyone with astral vision it is immediately apparent that the most striking difference is energetic; because the Titanic entities exist on a much lower vibrational level energy only ever flows one way – from us to them. Titanic entities are – as far as we are concerned – absorbers of energy, not emitters.


Where are these entities to be found, you are probably wondering? I guess the answer is pretty unsurprising – a lot of this stuff has been on the internet for a long time now, in one format or another. They could be CEOs of big corporations, world leaders, top military guys, community welfare officers, that type of thing. Anyone in a position of power or influence. The big hitters. The key players. In the past these dudes would almost all have been key figures in organized religion but these days they have learned to change their game accordingly – moving into media, pop music, marketing, PR, advertising, finance, and what have you. Organized religion is all washed up now and they know it.


I can take a guess at what you’re thinking now. You’re thinking that I’m just another paranoid nut, another conspiracy-obsessive. That’s what my psychiatrist thinks, anyway. As if he would know shit! The little turd. Psychiatrists are all such lame retards – the New Titans are welcome to them as far as I am concerned. The smug little bastards. But I am going away from my main point. Which is that Titanic matter has succeeded in reorganizing itself, after all this time. It has finally recovered from the colossal hammer blow dealt to it by the might of the Olympians, Zeus knows how many hundreds of millennia ago. And now the Titans are back amongst us once more – or at least very nearly back. And what are we doing about it? Watching game-shows on TV, reading moronic newspapers and colour-supplements, sending millions upon millions of inane text messages to ourselves, playing games on our smart-phones, downloading apps, voting for retarded politicians, and so on. To say that they have caught us napping is rather severely understating the matter! They have caught us vegetating – they have caught us busily flat-lining in front of the telly.


So who – I would like to know – is going to save us this time? I need hardly go to the trouble of pointing out that the stature of mankind has shrunk rather drastically since ancient times. Heroes are very thin on the ground, let alone gods. This isn’t the right sort of world for heroes. As some wit has observed, ours is not a heroic age. Rather it is – as Robert Calvert says in one of his songs – ‘the age of the insect man, who sees the detail but never the plan’. Who cares what the plan is? Who even asks? If you ask about the bigger picture people just sneer at you, in my experience. Infinite contempt is visited upon you. Either that or infinite condescension. Just get on with it and do what you’re told is the message we all get when we step out of line. If you ever ask any questions that just proves that you’re some how terminally uncool. The ‘cool’ thing to do is just to carry on acting totally blasé the whole time.


Leave the thinking to those who are qualified to do it. Leave it to the ‘experts’. The experts! The filthy disgusting over-paid and over-rated ‘experts’! God how I hate and despise that slimy little word! Instead of heroes we have creepy little EXPERTS. It makes me retch. It makes me sick to the stomach. Experts have found that we should do this. Experts have found that we should do that. That’s all we ever hear. Experts, experts, experts. Blah, blah, blah… Research proves this, research proves that. Research shows that you should eat green bananas because it makes you crap better. Research shows you should stick your finger up your fucking arse. How stupid can we get? Did the heroes of old act in accordance with what the latest research showed? Did they worry about what some pestilential pus-infested jackal of a worm-tongued little ‘expert’ said?


Did they fuck. What does the latest research tell us about Titanic matter? What do the experts advise us to do when faced with the rise of the New Titans? Oh right. I get it. Some shitty-arsed fuck-witted little maggot of an academic in some prestigious university somewhere is going to work out what to do about them. What our optimal course of action should be. Or perhaps we will elect a special committee to meet in Brussels or somewhere and discuss how best to tackle the problem. Over five course dinners and innumerable glasses of fine wine. We can set targets for research into effective anti-Titan strategies and penalize participating nations who don’t meet them. Teach these impudent upstart New Titans who is boss. Legislate the fuckers out of existence. Of course, I can see it all now. Silly me. What was I worrying about? The matter is clearly under control…







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