Spontaneously Famous


I don’t know if this has ever happened to you but the other day, whilst I was sitting there in my favorite coffee bar eating a pear and caramel crepe and looking out absentmindedly at the Craniosacral Therapy place across the road (and wondering in some kind of a vague way what the hell Craniosacral Therapy was), I became spontaneously famous.


I know that if – as is probably the case – this HASN’T happened to you then it must sound rather peculiar, if not to say frankly unbelievable. It may not ring a bell for you. It’s probably not the sort of thing you ever hear people talking about, or discussing on chat shows on late night TV, or anything like that. The way it happened was very strange alright.


I had just finished my crepe and was licking the left-over caramel sauce off the plate (via my finger, as I’m not a complete pig) when I started to notice the people around me giving me veiled glances, and smiling secretly to themselves as they did so. They were smiling in such a way as to suggest that they knew something about me, but did not want to be so gauche as to actually come right out with it.


At first I found this downright disturbing as I couldn’t understand the significance of these veiled glances (or the secretive smiles, for that matter). Obviously SOMETHING was going on, but I couldn’t work out what.


After spending the next few minutes puzzling over it (and furtively checking myself to see if I had perhaps spilt some of the caramel sauce on my tee-shirt or in some other way made a fool of myself) the reason for all these knowing glances suddenly dawned on me.


I had become spontaneously famous!








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