MultiDimensional Awakening


I was in the market for kudos, standing, status, prestige, presence, personality, charisma, and all that sort of thing. Obviously I was kind of lacking in that department – clearly I didn’t have any of that stuff myself, that’s why I was in the market for it. That’s why I was looking for The Product, the personal enhancement product that would give me all of these things.


I had bought lots of the regular type of products – sunglasses, aftershave, a gold chain to go around my neck, a uniquely accurate wrist-watch, special briefs, expensive cologne, silk shirts, Gucci shoes, the latest smartphone, an Apple Mac, a new fancy car. You name it, I had it. I had gone on all the courses too – the wine-tasting course, the art-appreciation class, the Salsa class, the Kundalini yoga class, the NLP course, the beginner class in karate, the personal empowerment course, the motivational and goal-setting workshop, the Spiritual Self-Affirmation and Positive Thinking Workshop. I can’t even remember half the courses I’ve been on.


And none of it made the slightest bit of difference! I was totally lacking in kudos, standing, status, prestige, presence, personality, charisma, etc beforehand and I was equally lacking afterwards. I was the same instantly forgettable lame-ass nonentity I ever was. What’s it all about, I remember asking myself. What the fuck is it all about? Aren’t I doing all the right things? Haven’t I paid out a small fortune in my quest for personal development? Don’t I at least deserve something, some tiny little inconsequential thing, for all my efforts?


Yet I had gained nothing. As far as I could see I was as painfully devoid of personality and charisma as ever. What was I? An empty vessel. A blank, dopey-looking, instantly forgettable face. A guy with nothing going for him. A guy nobody wanted to know. A guy with no prospects – a pure loser by anyone’s terms. A nobody. A waste of space. A complete tosser. A sad and pathetic jerk-off.


And then I discovered Ken Murphy’s program for chakra-cleansing, chakra-activation, and Complete Multidimensional Awakening and everything changed for me. With Ken’s Patented Ten Steps for Complete Personal Transformation I had finally found the right key for the lock and opened the door to Spiritual Success.


I have now managed to put my old negative ‘loser personality’ behind me, which means that I am finally able to achieve all the things that in the past I have only been able to dream about. I’ve finally arrived – my lame-ass crappy ego has finally found True Fulfilment and so now at last I can say that I really am SOMEBODY! Wow! Fuck Yeah! I can’t begin to tell you how great that feels…





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