Messier 6106

spiral galaxy

Fuckshitbollocks. Fucking dirty bastards. Fuck fuck fuck it. Fuck them. Fuck them all to fuck. Fuck them all the fucking bastards bastards bastards. Shit, shit, shit. You shitting shitty little shit fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck. Fuckshit. Bollocks. Fuckshitbollocks. Cunts. You dirty fucking Cocksuckers. You twatting shyting fucking cunts. Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it. Fuck you all you fucking shit-head cunts. You bastard little fuckheads. Fuck you all you fucking fucking fucking fucking bastard bastarding bastarding fucking little shitcunts.


Greetings friend.


I have the capability to greet you in your own language, yet I am not of your kind. I come from a distant galaxy, known to you as Messier 6106. The merest speck of light, barely visible in your night sky.


I, and my kind, travel through across the cosmos in huge, multi-dimensional spaceships, vessels of unimaginable power and glory. We travel through solid rock as effortlessly as the shadow of a cloud traverses a field of wheat in the summertime when the evenings are long and languid and time seems almost to be holding its breath. Great, unspeakable joy fills us as we travel.


We traverse the void, we pierce the great gulfs of interstellar space through and through. We leap, shining and shimmering, as quickly and cleanly as the ray of sunlight which penetrates the heavy canopy above and falls like a pool of liquid gold in a forest clearing on the dead leaves and mossy tree stumps. The pebbles and small rocks dappled in sunshine by the banks of the fast running stream, twisting and turning. Dandelion stalks waving gently in the breeze on the grassy hillside.


We are here and there and everywhere in-between. We come and go, in and out, as the universe breathes floating on its breath like a piece of down, floating…


We come to say fuckshit-arseholes. You fucking twatting little shitcunts.










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