Hell Realm

lord of hell

I thought a bad thought and then straightaway I got very, very frightened and I wished I hadn’t thought it. But it was too late, and that was no point in wishing it…


After I thought the bad thought I immediately found myself in a punishment realm, a hell realm where every wicked thought, every wicked action, was straightaway punished.


Is this punishment realm real, I wonder to myself, or is it just my fantasy? Is it all something that I am making up in my mind?


Perhaps I had better explain a bit more how this happened to me. It all started when for some reason I tried to imagine what it would be like to be a tormented hell-being trapped in a hell realm. It was a kind of a little ‘thought experiment’ – I thought myself into this situation just on a whim, a perverse impulse, you might say. It actually felt quite involuntary – I just got curious and took a notion to try it out, in my own imagination. If I had thought about what I was doing I wouldn’t have done it; it’s not the sort of experiment anyone would actually like to take part in. Not anyone in their right mind, anyway…


What I did – as I have already said- was that I imagined to myself that I was some kind of evil being and that I was in a hell realm, constantly experiencing atrocious suffering. I just wondered what it would be like to be such a being and to be suffering retribution. I had only just had the idea of imagining what this would feel like and straightaway the hell-realm opened up to me and I was in it. I was a hapless hell-being, with no hope of escaping rightful retribution.


I couldn’t believe how quickly it happened. I had only just got to the point of toying with the idea and it became real. I was there in the hell realm and that was the only reality there was for me. That was MY reality, and there was no way I could imagine myself out of it again.


Maybe you’re thinking that it is all just in my head. Of course it’s all just in my head! Where else would it be? That’s were hell is, in your head. Or rather, in my head…


So I succeeded better in my little experiment than I could possibly have imagined. I realized then that my mind had the power to make anything I thought real. Instantaneously. Whatever I thought would immediately come true.


Ask and it shall be given, so it is said. Seek and you shall find…


Of course as soon as I realized this I wished that I could think something else. I wished that I could imagine myself somewhere else. Anything else, anywhere else would do, other than this.


The only thing is, now that I know what it was like to be in a hell-realm, now that I have had a glimpse of the unimaginable horror which it entails (and which I previously had no idea of, poor fool that I was) I can think of nothing else. I can’t unstuck myself, I can’t pull myself free from this hell that I have discovered inside myself.


My mind is fixated on the horror of it, hypnotized by it, as a person might be unwillingly fixated and hypnotized by a particularly horrific image or memory.


I wish I could think of something else, but I can’t…





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