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I am very pleased to announce that our best-selling product product known to you all through our uniquely successful promotional virus campaign as ‘Product X’ has just won Product of the the Year Award for 2014. To mark this marvellous occasion we are releasing a limited edition virus verision of Product X which will shortly become available from all registered outlets. You owe it to yourself not to miss out on this splendid opportunity – place your order now! For a very reasonable price this unique offer can be yours to look back fondly on in years to come this never-to-be-repeated occasion. Our product – which is synonymous with the with the level of craftsmanship that you have come to respect – is free from all errors and unsightly imperfections. Machine-tooled to the highest specifications. You won’t get a finish like this anywhere. Product X – also affectionately known to the cognoscenti as ‘Reality’ – an all-time record-breaking best seller and available at very affordable prices at registered virus outlets. You simply can’t afford to be without it. Or go for the Deluxe Model and make your penny-pinching neighbours look like the second-rate cheapskates they are…





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